1. The Missing Link

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    An interactive 4-week Old Testament seminar. We will read through the OT and get to know the One Story from Genesis to Jesus.

Jump Into The Old Testament 

The Missing Link (TML) is your chance to read the entire Old Testament in 1 Month and take part in various interactive experiences that will enhance your understanding of God and his Word! The goal is to get you excited about the Old Testament and give you some tools for future Bible study and reading.  To see the One Story from Genesis to Jesus will deepen your understanding of God's salvation plan.

If you’re picturing four weeks of sitting in a circle reading boring books in monotonous voices, think again.  This is exciting stuff and we want to do it justice! We’ll have different settings and ways of reading, to make it as memorable as possible. There will be a general introduction to the Old Testament, the different literary styles used and other helpful things to know. There will also be a short introduction to each book to help you get the most out of your reading. The Bible – both testaments – is full of meals and celebration marking God’s story, so we’ll have special feasts throughout our time to help us remember God’s goodness. 
  1. The Missing Link
    The Missing Link
Did you know that YWAM Ozarks' TML is worth 4 credits with YWAM's UofN?  Or that You can get an Associate Degree through YWAM Ozarks?  Find out more.
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