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    The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is your chance to go beyond the surface and dig deep into the Word to discover for yourself what it says. You let the Bible shape your beliefs and lifestyle.  You will study all 66 books of the Bible in chronological order, over a course of 9 months. SBS is not for the faint-hearted, but it is a rock-solid foundation for any ministry or career path.
Learn The Inductive Method of SBS
Come join us in Septemper 2016 to discover the truth of the Bible on your own. You will learn the Inductive Method to study the Bible:

1. Survey the book to discover the big picture – it’s like a bird’s eye view of a forest.

2.  Analyze the book to see the details – it’s like examining the leaves of each tree.

3.  Apply the truth of the Word to your life – it’s like bearing fruit.

You will work through all 66 books in nine month in chronological order. You will have read each book at least five times by the end. 
Field Assignment
Through the SBS you’ve learned a reproducible method to train others in the Word. An optional eight-week international outreach provides an avenue for you to expand God’s Kingdom by passing on what you’ve learned, greatly needed and sought after in the developing world.

A Legacy

 The beginning of YWAM Ozarks was fueled in part by Jim Nizza’s passion to train others to study God’s word, and the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) has been part of the campus from its beginnings. The school was first run here in 2006. That vision is now carried and continues to grow under the leadership of Torsten Radke and a growing team. Torsten is from Germany and worked with SBS there for 14 years before moving with his family to Ozark in 2013 with the aim of restarting the SBS here after Jim’s death. An exciting group of people who are passionate about the Bible are now gathering here, ready to spread their love for God’s word. The 2016-2017 school will be led by Amber Good, who worked with SBS in Montana for several years and now lends short-term help to schools around the world. So Jim’s legacy, and the tradition of Bible study on this mountain in Ozark continues!

Jim Nizza 

Founder of YWAM Ozarks SBS Program

 SBS Schedule TBD
  1. Lecture Phase
    Phase 1
    Lecture Phase
    9 months $7,200
  2. Field Assignment
    Phase 2
    Field Assignment
    Dates & Price TBD
Looking to complete a degree in YWAM? Completion of YWAM Ozarks' SBS with a 12 week outreach earns a student 48 credit hours towards a degree through YWAM's University of the Nations. Learn how you can get an associates degree through YWAM Ozarks.

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