Establish Your Foundation on God’s Word

The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is your chance to go beyond the surface and dig deep into the Word to discover for yourself what it says. You let the Bible shape your beliefs and lifestyle.  In Mai/June 2016 we'll offer "The Missing Link" (TML), an Old Testament overview seminar.  The next nine-month course, in which you will study all 66 books of the Bible in chronological order, will start in September 2015. SBS is not for the faint-hearted, but it is a rock-solid foundation for any ministry or career path.


The Missing Link (TML)

The Missing Link is your chance to read the entire Old Testament in 1 Month and take part in various interactive experiences that will enhance your understanding of God and his Word! The goal is to get you excited about the Old Testament and give you some tools for future Bible study and reading.  To see the One Story from Genesis to Jesus will deepen your understanding of God's salvation plan.

If you’re picturing four weeks of sitting in a circle reading boring books in monotonous voices, think again.  This is exciting stuff and we want to do it justice! We’ll have different settings and ways of reading, to make it as memorable as possible. There will be a general introduction to the Old Testament, the different literary styles used and other helpful things to know. There will also be a short introduction to each book to help you get the most out of your reading. The Bible – both testaments – is full of meals and celebration marking God’s story, so we’ll have special feasts throughout our time to help us remember God’s goodness. Questions? Ask us


Learn the Inductive Method in the SBS

Come join us in Septemper 2016 to discover the truth of the Bible on your own. You will learn the Inductive Method to study the Bible:

  1. Survey the book to discover the big picture – it’s like a bird’s eye view of a forest.
  2. Analyze the book to see the details – it’s like examining the leaves of each tree.
  3. Apply the truth of the Word to your life – it’s like bearing fruit.

You will work through all 66 books in nine month in chronological order. You will have read each book at least five times by the end. 


Field Assignment

Through the SBS you’ve learned a reproducible method to train others in the Word. An optional eight-week international outreach provides an avenue for you to expand God’s Kingdom by passing on what you’ve learned, greatly needed and sought after in the developing world.

SBS Calendar & Cost

Course Calendar

May 23 - June 17 The Missing Link OT Overview
Sept 19 – June Chronological SBS 9 months
July - August SBS Outreacch Optional

Cost for Room, Board and Tuition

The Missing Link (one month): $550
SBS  (nine month): $7200
Outreach: depending on location

*Costs for outreach will be determined by location and airfare.


Leadership Legacy

Jim Nizza Before Moving to Ozark, Jim Nizza worked with the School of Biblical Studies at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii for eleven years, leading the SBS program for seven years. During his tenure there he completed his Master’s degree in Biblical Studies with a 325-page thesis on the Inductive Method. His passion for training up those who can train others in the Word continued at YWAM Ozarks as he led four SBS. Because Jim’s battle against cancer became so severe he decided to cancel the 2010–2011 school. He passed away August 2010, leaving a large hole in the SBS here. But we believe his legacy needs to continue and the impact of SBS to multiply through the lives of many students.

If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission
by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice? —David Livingstone