Ready for Barriers to Come Down?

A shepherd in Israel“[God’s] purpose was to create in Himself one new man out of the two [Jew and Gentile]… to reconcile both of them to God through the cross…” —Ephesians 2:14–16

God’s heart for you is to experience reconciliation and be an agent of reconciliation. The OneNewMan Mobile DTS can facilitate that process.

Phase I: Lecture, 3 Months

A camelYour journey begins as you gather with other young people from around the world, forming a diverse community of people from many varied backgrounds. Guest speakers with equally diverse stories have committed to come and teach you more of God’s ways. Time is set aside for seeking God’s heart for the nations and worshipping Him. You will meet in large groups, small groups and have one-on-one processing time with staff. And serving our local communities ensures that not only will you learn, you will do!

It’s about Knowing God, Not Knowing Facts

The Lecture Phase of our DTS is transformational—but the focus is not on amassing a notebook full of facts about God. Rather, the focus is to know Jesus, grow in character, and catch God’s heart for the world.

Course Content

Phase II: Outreach, 3 Months

A DTS class“Why go overseas when you have a mission field right in your back yard?” many YWAMers are asked.

Let’s get to that in a minute, but first…

OK, let’s go to our back yard. In this case, not far from any American is a population of precious people from countries of the Middle East. Some have come recently, and others are second- or third-generation. Many have never really heard a solid presentation of the Gospel. Thus, we will spend the first part of the Outreach Phase in a USA city, reaching out to these people groups.

Then… we’ll head overseas. Why go overseas?

First, because Jesus said, “Go into all the world…”

Second, in many parts of the world the Gospel has never penetrated a people group and they don't have ready access to it if they even tried to find out about Jesus. They’re called “unreached” for a reason. You can change that.

Third, something life-changing happens in your life as you see, hear, smell, walk, and experience life on the streets and in villages of the people Jesus wants you to reach. Priorities change. The Gospel becomes tangible. You are used by the Lord in people’s lives.

Fourth, missionaries working in these nations can often use reinforcements and encouragement from those coming with fresh energy and help.

Fifth, when you get back to your own back yard, you’ll find yourself with a whole lot more to give.

Sixth, add your own reasons after your own outreach!

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Applicants must be 18 years or older, or a high school graduate.

Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. —Mark 16:15