Questions About Our DTS

Why do a DTSinstead of going straight into missions?

To see where you fit in the Great Commission by connecting with one of the largest international missions organizations. The DTS gives you a very practical orientation to some of the challenges of a missions experience, and links you to a network of missions opportunities.

How long is a DTS?

The DTS consists of a 12-week lecture phase, followed by an international outreach which is typically 2 months in length.

What is the course content of a DTS?

What kind of outdoor activities will we do?

Hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, rock-climbing, and caving. Learn more

Where does the DTSgo on outreach?

Our outreach locations are determined through much prayer.  In the past we have gone to Asia, the Amazon, and North Africa.

How much does the school & outreach cost?

The lecture phase is $3,275 and the outreach phase is $2,500 + airfare. Learn more about these two phases.

Can I get a part-time job?

The purpose of our schools is to give you the greatest amount of training in the time allotted. Simply put, you won't have time.

What do I do with my free time?

Some of the possibilites include spending extra time with the Lord and His Word, getting to know your new friends, and exploring the region.

General Questions

Can God really use me in missions?

Yes! A foundational value of YWAM is that God champions ordinary people to do extraordinary things through the power of His Spirit.

What is the first step in becoming involved with YWAM?

Applying for a Discipleship Training School. This is YWAM's prerequisite course for all future involvement in our ministry.

How do I get to YWAM Ozarks?

We’re located at 7119 Mountain View Dr. Ozark, AR 72949 USA. If using a GPS, call us or you may get lost.

Questions About Our Campus

What is the campus like?

Originally built as a Bible college, our 44-acre campus has a cafeteria, offices, and two dormitories with a total of 30 rooms. Each of our buildings are handicap accessible.

What is the housing like?

Most students and staff live in our large dormitory.  Each room has its own bathroom with shower and can house two to four people.

What is the food like?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. We strive for variety, nutrition, and flavor in our menus and rich fellowship in our mealtimes. On weekends we provide food for sack lunches.

What is the weather like?

Arkansas has a temperate climate and four full seasons. Temperatures in the summer are hot and humid; winters bring the occasional snowfall.

What do I need to bring?

We will provide you with a list of specific items upon acceptance to your school or program. In choosing your clothing, be modest and plan to bring only that which will value and dignity.

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